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Contact form | Take back your space | Civilized Space Organization & Design in Ottawa and Everywhere | Photography by Amy Zambonin


You have questions — I may have answers . . .


How does this work?

  • Contact Me! I’ll send you some intake questions (It will be quick and painless, I promise).
  • Next, we’ll chat by email or phone to set up an initial meeting either in person or via facetime or skype.
  • We will plan out what needs to be organized, designed or just touched up.
  • Once your space can breathe again, I will create a plan to add one more element to your home – excitement.

I need you to organize my home. Do I have to be present for the de-cluttering?

  • YES! While I would love to tell you no – that wouldn’t be in your best interest. (Unless of course you harbour no sentimental attachment to anything I may come across!)

How long will the process take?

  • While I would love to have a magic ball – I do not. After our initial meeting I will provide you with a room by room estimate before proceeding.