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Free Nursery Design Plan

The morning I received a request from my friends at Kallababy for a nursery how-to post, I also happened to beView full post »


Favourite Things – 02

What are your plans for this weekend?  Ours involve the gymnastics / hiphop Saturday morning divide (when you haveView full post »


Favourite Things 01

I’ll let you in on a secret (psst.) I used to blog. Back in the day before we lived in the country, before we hadView full post »


laid-back luxe master bedroom

When I walked into a recent client’s home – I knew this project would be different. Their home wasView full post »


Life Thoughts on The Rising Tide Society

Recently I started getting emails from a few brands asking if I would like to submit an article (or six!!) to them.View full post »


#ParedDownTogether: 14 TIPS to Help You Live With Less

The Pared Down Together Instagram Challenge wrapped up on Monday and it was a whirlwind of photo taking, sharing andView full post »


#ParedDownTogether Starts Monday + Participation Tips (& a Giveaway)!

The #Pareddowntogether instagram challenge starts MONDAY (the 4th of January) and I am thrilled at the response thisView full post »


WTF is a Civilized Space + the Before & Afters that will make you want one

Most people say that life stands in their way of having a space they love, but when you really get down to it, theView full post »


FYI: 5 Ways to Kill it at Getting Your Significant Other to Get Rid of Things

What if I told you that living in squalor is the key to a happy relationship? Trust me, I’d be a liar. 10 yearsView full post »