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I’ll let you in on a secret (psst.) I used to blog. Back in the day before we lived in the country, before we had twin daughters and before I launched Pare & Edit. I will be honest – I miss it. When I launched Pare & Edit, I knew I would include a blog but felt the obligated pull to keep it all business, all design, all the time. I recently decided that I am not doing that any longer. Fear not – this will not turn into a collection of stories of my life! This will be a well curated version of my very best thoughts 😉.

So in honour of this new inclusion, I will begin with something I love reading – the ever popular “Favourite Things.”

1 – My visual sensitivity cannot handle the gallery wall, but I am all over the random grouping like this one and this one.

2 – Podcasts are my new best friend, especially this one and this one.

3 – We’ve been without bedside tables and lighting for over a year now and I kind of miss it. This could be a game changer.

4 – My husband is sketching out tiny homes in his spare time (somebody save me please – because the words “retirement plan” have surfaced and I am afraid) – but this one is kind of awesome.

Last but not least #5 – Book this now, right now. You’re welcome.

Favourite Things Lately by Pare & Edit | Photo by Studio Bicyclette+

image cred | Studio Bicyclette

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