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Life Thoughts on The Rising Tide Society

Recently I started getting emails from a few brands asking if I would like to submit an article (or six!!) to them. This was obviously flattering and at first I thought – of course! So I started thinking about what I would love to share and then I thought about the ideal place to share what I wanted to write about. Surprise! It wasn’t with the brands that originally contacted me. So I took a little leap and kindly declined the initial requests and instead submitted my concept to The Rising Tide Society whose mission involves educating and empowering creatives to thrive in the spirit of community over competition.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We all know how busy life is. Yes we keep reading that “rest is the new hustle” but that concept seems like another loaded task to add to our already full lists. Do we crave the freedom to play, host parties, actually lie on a couch for more than five minutes? Maybe. Or maybe not. The list of reasons why we are failing to relax can seem endless – but when was the last time you questioned the relationship between where you live and your ability to chill out?” – Ashley Izsak of @ashleyizsak is on the blog today with a truly eye-opening post!

A change of space+Read the full article here.

Are you a creative entrepreneur? I strongly urge you to see if there is a local #tuesdaystogether chapter in your city. Tracy Jazmin initiated Ottawa’s group and the first meeting was last month. Meeting other inspiring creatives is what the rising tide society is all about – because let’s face it – being a small biz owner can be isolating.


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